How Logistics help my Company?

Logistics includes all the processes required to go from raw materials to end customer delivery, including purchasing, inventory management, warehousing, Transportation and even customer returns . All product-oriented businesses have logistics as a cost of doing business. Some may think it only applies to large businesses, but companies of any size can benefit from logistics improvements.

The good news is that any improvement in logistics you make results in savings in your cost of doing business, best of all, these savings drop right to your bottom line as profits.

Some examples of how logistics can help your company include:

  • Cost savings
  • Reduced inventory
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved delivery time, which improves customer satisfaction and can be a competitive advantage if your competitors can't deliver as quickly

Third Party Logistics


Today's logistics industry is undergoing a major transformation. Delivery of supply chain services is moving from the traditional mode to asset-based Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers to an arena with minimal boundaries. The ease and accessibility of thecollaborative economy has created new demands where virtually anyone can 'plug and play' in the logistics space.

Why Use 3PL?

Why would one consider combining outside facilitation with Third-Party Logistics? Savings must exceed 3PL costs and generate even more savings to justify a major business change. The two companies involved cannot individually justify outsourcing or 3PL.

  • To Save Time: Outsourcing the Logistics function can free up resources to focus on core competencies.
  • Because Someone Else Can do it Better: Even if you have resources available, another organization within the supply chain may be able to do it better, simply because its relative position in the supply chain, supply chain expertise and economies of scale.
  • To Share Responsibility: 3PL companies can share responsibility for managing supply chains, keeping customers and stores properly stocked, and delivering the perfect order every time.
  • To Re-Engineer Distribution Networks: Logistics outsourcing can be a quick way to re-engineer distribution networks to meet market demands and gain a competitive edge.

Other potential benefits vary by industry, but include:

Address and Correct Current Network Flaws (over-capacity, under-capacity, facility issues)
Shared Investment in Required Assets and Resources
  • Automated Materials Handling Equipment
  • Strong Management Team
  • New Wave Logistics Systems
  • Fixed Operating Costs
Transportation Synergies and Savings
  • Inbound Co-Loading (Backhaul)
  • Outbound Co-Loading (Adjacent Stores)
  • Joint Carrier Negotiations
  • Shared Transportation Systems
Resolve/Realize Real Estate Issues/Opportunities
Improve Customer Service Levels (Delivery Frequency)
Increase Total Supply Chain Information Sharing
Lower Operating and Logistics Investment Costs
Address and Support New Internet Business Models (Internet shopping and direct-to-home delivery)

KTSPL, specialist in efficient high volume distribution, our solutions designed specifically for the needs of today's Third Party Logistics (3PL) operations - allows achieving operational excellence!

3PL Benefits

  • Improve Customer Service through the complete order cycle, from order desk, through the warehouse, out to selected carriers and back in for any returns processing.
  • Increase Supply Chain visibility thus enabling reduced stockholdings, lower costs and better demand forecasting, leading to improved customer service and profitability.
  • Respond to market/competitive influences allowing for open adoption of new customers or processes.
  • Increase your value-add through innovation, with inventory movement information immediately accessible throughout the enterprise.
  • Use Web-based architecture to deliver unparalleled enterprise access to critical business information.
  • Check on SWOT analysis (SWOT is the abbreviation for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. These four factors provide a framework, which an organization can use to conduct a structured analysis of its operations) can help understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats of outsourcing logistics versus in-house solutions.
  • Can be checked on following parameters: industry sources, existing clients, financial health, management depth, strategic direction, information technology (IT) capability, labour relations, and personal chemistry and compatibility.
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